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Ask specific questions, expect specific answers ,compare apples with apples Is there a difference? Yes.


Our design Intent for our Balustrading assemblies is that it is totally Seamless without any exposed screws or welds. To achieve that we designed our own Framed Glass suite and in co operation with Jack Kee at Megastone Aluminium designed the majority of the Semi Framed suites used in Sydney.
We encourage people not only to visit our showroom but also our competitors. Do not trust photos. You will notice a difference.
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All balustrades look good when first installed; you also want it to look good in 10 years time! We offer 10, 15, and 25 year warranties on all our Powder Coating. There are a lot of Coaters in the Sutherland Shire making claims they shouldn’t. Simply ask “Do you have Qualicoat accreditation by The Australasian Institute of Surface Finishing (AISF) ?”
  • We use Vertikote for our Powdercoating
  • and AAF for our Anodizing
  • All exterior Stainless Steel assemblies are 316 alloy.
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We do not employ Sub Contractors on a piece rate for installation. All our employees are full time tradesman. The Tradesman, who measures your job, makes your job , installs your job and glazes it. You get to deal with the one person from start to finish.


ll our fixings are Stainless Steel, our structural components in our aluminium are 6061 T6, a stronger alloy to 6063 T5 as is industry standard. Your Balustrade is made at Kirrawee, the Powder Coating done at Chipping Norton , your glass is processed at Moorebank. Our Spigots are made in Minto .


When you think of trust is especially important when you are hiring a contractor. Whether that contractor is a Glass Balustrading or Fencing Expert or any other trade that you Could think of. In today’s world customers are looking for speed and reliability but most importantly, the quality of a company’s work.
Also, it is no longer acceptable to tell a client that you will be there on a certain day and then not show up. Therefore at Sutherland Shire Balustrading, we will turn when we say we will. This along with the quality of our work is what separates us from the competition. Call us today. You will be glad you did.
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We are tradesmen and fully licensed Builders with Home Owner Warranty and all other insurances required.There are many unlicensed operators out there. Do a licence check at Whist on the subject when we say we are licensed Builders, that’s what it means Fully Licensed ,
not a “Builder” and when you check their restrictions it say Carports only. In addition you can legally contract doing Balustrading with the qualification “Fencer”. A 1st year Carpenter is more highly qualified. Qualification prerequisites listed at : Balustrading and Pool Fencing are safety barriers stopping injury and death. Their design, manufacture and installation should not have the same scrutiny as a paling fence.
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